Online criminal clinic

Confinement brought with it virtual classes, and that teaching channel that was once the exception, became the rule, but, what are the implications that this change produced for crime victims who seek access to justice? The main objective of this contribution is to exemplify, by sharing the results and experiences produced by the criminal clinic taught in virtual format of the Campus Puebla, how online clinical teaching, as well as a face-to-face legal clinic execution, achieves a differentiated learning in relation to the traditional methodology of teaching, that is, the development of disciplinary and transversal educational competences for criminal litigation through experiential learning. The penal clinic at the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Puebla City, Mexico, was established four years ago from the project "Voice of the Victims" in conjunction with the Arizona State University and sponsored by the Merida Initiative. The criminal clinic works with an external institution called "socio-trainer". By acquiring knowledge about the role of legal advisors to victims, and by taking an active part in the entire criminal process, students develop diverse transversal competences like professional responsibility, human sense, and professional ethics; In addition to that, this contribution aims to also showcase the online criminal clinic execution limitations and opportunities of development when compared to the face-to-face or in person clinic development.
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