The academic study of Law in argentina

The Di Tella School of Law is the first systematic attempt in Argentina to establish a research school of law on the American model. The school leads the way in integrating economics and philosophy into legal education. it has innovative and flexible curricula, both in the undergraduate and the graduate programs. It started operations in 1996, and it has today, ten years later, 261 undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members are publishing their papers in prestigious Anglo-American journals. Some of them are also publishing in Spanish. Over time more and more courses are being taught by full time instructors. at present, 63% of courses in the foundation-level program, and 47% of courses across the whole undergraduate law curriculum, are taught byfull time faculty. Adjunct instructors (practitioners and members of judiciary) teach the remaining courses. This is the greates tratio of full time Law teaching in the country. almost half of our graduates are employed in top law firms in Buenos Aires. Many of them also pursue postgraduate education, generally in the us or Europe. Still only a few of them work in the courts as clerks.
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